Stevie Lake

Stevie Lake is played by Sophie Bennett in the first and second season then in the third season she is played by Lauren Dixon

Stephanie "Stevie" Lake is a 12-year-old tomboy. She is one of the riders at Pine Hollow and one of the Saddle Club members.

Her best friends are Carole Hanson and Lisa Atwood. And of course, there's her beautiful black horse, Belle.

Stevie rode Comanche, one of Pine Hollow's school horses until she got Belle in "Found Horse Part 2". She found Belle during "Found Horse Part 1" (season 1) and Belle has been her horse ever since.

Stevie is a practical joker, slightly mischevious, who thinks up some of the craziest plans. In "Trail Ride Part 1" she puts a fake spider near Veronica (who freaks out ans she tries to get her back by throwing an apple at her and missed and got her back by pushing her into the water when they met Phil). In another episode, she reads a book called 101 Practical Jokes and plays so many jokes on her friends (and enemies, of course) that they play another trick back on her. Stevie.can sometimes be stubborn mostly to veronica and Kristi

Even though she is technically a tomboy, she does have girly girl moments, especially around boys. For example, in the episode "Love Is In the Air", Phil Marsten asks her out on a date, and Stevie freaks out about what she's going to wear and how she looks, almost ruining the date. In another episode ("Stevie's Bad Day"), she agonizes so much over a pimple that she puts herself and Belle in danger when she doesn't wear her helmet and injures her head.

Trivia Edit

  • Stevie always seen wearing a Blue Denim Jacket
  • Stevie got soaking wet in her denim jacket two times in season 1: The First time in episode 3 Trail Ride Part 1 Stevie gets pushed in the water by Veronica diAngelo after pulling a rubber spider prank on her and. In episode 5 Shy Horse where she fell off a cliff and got rained on
  • She is the only one of The Saddle Club to have a boyfriend.
  • Her parents have not ever been seen on the screen. In "Moving On Part 1" Chad and Alex were seen on screen, but Michael wasn't seen or mentioned.
  • She is the only saddle cluber with blonde hair.
  • She is sarcastic.
  • Stevie is six minutes younger than her twin brother Alex.
  • In Season 3 Carole, Stevie, and Lisa befriend new student Desi Beggins.
  • Veronica diAngelo and Kristi Cavanaugh are The Saddle Club's enemies.
  • In the two first seasons Stevie was played by Sophie Bennett and in the third series she was played by Lauren Dixon,Cate Meade Season 4 
  • Stevie's favorite color is Blue.
  • Stevie has three brothers: Chad, Alex and Michael