An attractive nine year old bay Appaloosa gelding with a white blaze on his face, black marks on his legs, and a thick shaggy mane and tail. He was one of the original school horses that Max bought when he took over running the stable. Comanche is an easy-going horse with an even temper, although he often gets spooked. He is ridden by Stevie until "Found Horse Part 2". Stevie still takes time to look after Comanche, often taking him and Belle on picnics. He is ridden by Sam as of Episode 18, but in Season 2 Danny rode Comanche, but sometimes Kristi would ride Comanche. Ashley rode Comanche in "Show Ponies Part 1" and "The Ride of His Life". In the second season, Comanche was almost put down when it was thought that he had contracted equine virus, when in reality he had colic after Ashley and Melanie let him eat freshly cut grass from an empty pasture that Red mowed while they were riding on him and playing Capture the Flag. He is one of Pine Hollow's school horses. Comanche is afraid of thunder storms and mud puddles. comanche also played a part in skye randsom's movie, doing tricks.